H.R. Giger
Genius and master
Artist and sculptor
Architect and furniture designer
Tamer of demons and showmen of the Spooky
Mechanics of the morbid and razor of the reality
Giger succeeds like no other with the same art to confuse and fascinate
The eye meets disturbingly strange new worlds, populated by mysterious, erotic looking creatures that mesmerize a glance through the brightening straight.
The nightmarish beautys draw the viewer into her spell and force a part of her strange world to be.
You want to escape and indulge in the same time. You want to wake up and dream still on.
Giger creates through his art no artificial world, he creates virtual snapshots of a hidden dimension.
A parallel world of elegant nightmares, a macabre world of erotica.
I thank Mr. Giger, that i can throw through his work a look at this fantastic world.
      Andre Kroll, Straelen 2009


I would like to show on this page some of my pieces from my collection of Giger










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