It was always a dream to visit the Giger Museum in Switzerland
The 10-year anniversary of the museum I have taken to realize that dream at last.


It all started with a flyer that I have received from the museum:


In the flyer, the program was listed the 10th anniversary will take place from the museum.

There were tattoo and body painting events and a signing session with HRG.

My attempt to get a hotel room was unfortunately unsuccessful at first, because all hotels were booked.
Through the help of a very good friend of HR Giger I have very luck and get a hotel room directly in Gruyeres.
When he told me the good news along with a ".......I'm glad that you come,then i can introduce you to Giger" I was unbelievable happy.




....... And here now here are some photo impressions from the visit to the museum and the anniversary:






Before it goes into the museum first a trip to the GigerBar, next to the museum:






.......some sculptures enhance the anticipation of the museum:




...  outside the museum entrance was quite a lot going on:






..... so then quickly in the museum:


well this sign here means
"cloakroom unattended " but....


the korn microstand...


so graceful,so awesful, so giger....


well, i dont know how the mood is from the guy above there, but..... ...
  the masterpiece:
..... or in a permanent and everlasting form:
Food and drinks provided the champagne bar at the Museum or a barbecue in the garden:
With a lot of supplies for my Giger collection, lots of photos and countless impressions to processed I arrived back home.


Throughout the anniversary, the museum, the events in and around the museum, the town .... everything was just incredible exciting and I'll forever remember.


I thank all participants and volunteers who made this possible and have made it what it was: an unforgettable experience.
Special thanks goes to Mr. Aalam.
Without his kind help, it would not have been possible for me . many thanks



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