visit Chur



In 1992 opened a Giger Bar in Chur.

Actually, it was planned to set up a bar in New York, however, it has decided to implement this plan in Chur.

For this the opportunity was used that a cafe should be accommodated in a currently planned business centre.

Quickly, the city of Chur has chosen to allow Giger to build the bar in this Centre.

To implement the plan, Giger extensively expanded its existing range of furniture.

After two years of construction, the giger-bar has opened in the year 1992.


Here comes some impressions from my visit to the beautiful Giger Bar in Chur.


The imposing entrance:




All tables and chairs come from the furniture program that Giger designed:




Very impressive ceiling panel with mirrors:


Walllamp and mirror in Giger style:


One of the many Harkonnen chairs at the bar invites you to linger:






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